My First story!!

Both Ajay and Ria were smiling happily.

But, She was Falling down the cliff,he was standing on the edge of cliff.

She was falling down ,her red shawl slowly finding pace , her hands were freely searching something in the cold air and  her face was  determined first,  but then  after seeing her beloved Ajay  she was smiling blissfully which she would do whenever  he teases her.

He was standing on the edge of the cliff  watching her fall,and he was smiling wickedly.But then,after seeing her smile ,his face turned expressionless,so cold,so dry,so lost.He felt deceived.Yes,true.

Have you heard of Childhood friends turned Lovers?!

Yes.They are.They were.

By seeing them we could even explore the deepest hidden meaning  of Love.They were like,in one  line “BEAUTY and the BEAST”.

She was a beauty and he was a beast both in appearance and in heart.Ofcourse,Opposite poles did attract.They fell in love.Actually,Fell is not a proper word,so I would rather say they discovered love for each other.

They were close friends right from the age of 4 by this game of finding Ria with her twin sister pia.

Ajay would always  win in that game of finding who’s who just because he observed Ria too closely and admired that in her which even pia was not aware of it and that was the slightly curved smile of her’s,etched in her face always that makes her pinkish right cheek bone rise little which would be  damn cute and a little twinkle in her eyes makes Ria unique from pia.

And that smile made Ajay blind to her Twin sister’s fond for him.

Everything went happily until the completion of their college life.Then,the Fate started playing its cruel game in their lives.

On their last day in college life ,Pia confessed her love to Ajay.

There came the Twist in their lives along with  frustration and hatred.

They need to resolve this.They went for a Long drive in their car which was driven  by pia.Ria was anxious .Ajay didn’t get relieved from that Shock news .He was searching for the right words to tell pia that only Ria can be his life partner ,lover ,mother and everything.Watching him in her corner eye,Pia realised the tension in air and she was aware of the tears in her eyes.She felt ashamed of herself.She wanted to do something,To end that  shame,to end that pain,to end that Long lasting hurt,to end that misery in her heart.


She had to do Something.

The car started moving in astonishing speed.Its edges tore the wind cruelly yet gracefully.Ajay and Ria looked at  each other.Pia found her tongue  finally and spoke out  that she didn’t want to break their relation but she  said she can’t bear thought of him and ria living happily and so she wanted all of them to die.She also added  that it was a good idea .Her aggressive look and the car which had reached 120 kmph forced ajay to do something.

Ajay  realised the pressure of  that situation  and he lied pia that he and ria were just  a little more than friends and they are not in any relation hoping that Ria would understand him and at the same time he tried to get control of that  car and pressed break.


He was wrong about Ria.Her heart was broken dangerously and he was wrong about the break too.He pressed Acclerator instead of break.

Car rolled down the hill,was rolling over and over!.

After a Year…

Many things changed in his life.He was crushed totally by the news of Ria’s death told by her parents.He did’nt want to know about anything else and anyone else.He lost his spirit.He lost everything that was filling his heart before.He lost his emotions.He was blank.He felt so empty.His mind was spinning ,but he can’t feel anything.He became expressionless. Many told him to move on.But her memories haunted him and he can’t accept the fact that he was responsible for her death.

After few months..

He went for a long walk in that beautiful mountain   on the same day accident occurred to get some peace to his restless heart.


He saw someone resembling his Ria.She was standing near the cliff.But her face was so cold and it was not like her Ria.That was obviously pia.The girl who crushed their lives.The girl who broke all their dreams.He had a killing rage for her right at that moment.He decided to push her down and he went near her.Suddenly she jumped herself Off that cliff.

She,the one who was jumping  from that cliff had so many things running on her mind.To stop all that  grief,hatred,Strong emotions,and to forget the worst news that she had come to know by her parents that her Ajay and her sister pia both died in the car accident which was  revolving in her mind continuously for the past one year which was unbearable and she realised she lost her smile since then she lost her Ajay.So,she was badly in need of him.she wanted to meet him.She didn’t know anyother better way than dying to reach him.She knew that feeling was so stupid.It was Utter foolishness.But  then she decided she had no Peace living in this earth without him ,she decided to jump facing the sky so that she could see his face in sky while dying.

While falling she realised,GOD is real.she saw the most beautiful sight,she lost all her pain at once, she was in heaven before dying,she felt like thousand clutching chains released her all of a sudden,she felt like flying,she felt like a bird.Everything because of her Ajay.There he came, ajay standing there watching her,with his playful smile.

Both Ajay and Ria were smiling happily.

By seeing his smile she found her lost smile again and her eyes twinkled.

Slightly curved smile of her’s made her pinkish right cheekbone rise a little.





C Program to Create a File & Store Information


void main()


FILE *fptr;

char name[50];

int age;




printf(“The file does not exist”);



printf(“Enter the name”);






Copy the string


void stringCopy(char[],char[]);

int main()


char str1[100],str2[100];

printf(“Enter any string”);



printf(“after copying:%s”,str2);

return 0;


void stringCopy(char str1[],char str2[])


int i=0;








To print all permutations of a given String


void swap(char *x,char *y)

{char temp;




void permute(char *a,int i,int n)

{int j;











int main()


char a[]=”ABC”;



return 0;


Multiply two integers without using multiplication,division,bitwise operator

If suppose x * Y has to be done then add X,y times


int multiply(int x,int y)



return 0;

if (y>0)//positive number


if(y<0)//negative number



int main()


printf(“\n %d”,multiply(5,-11);


return 0;


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